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The Meetups At Coherent Solutions – An Interactive Way To Share Knowledge And Develop Talents


Angel Todorov is in the company since the opening of Coherent Solutions in Bulgaria. He is actually the second person to join the Sofia office. He is working as a SQL Developer for the cloud-based healthcare financial management platform – WEX Health. As one of the first employees in Coherent, Angel is the initiator for organizing Meetups as part of company’s learning and development initiatives. We asked him how it all started …

Tell us more about the concept of the Meetups that are organized at Coherent Solutions?

Meet-ups in Coherent Solution are the events that help colleagues share their knowledge on specific topic with employees of the Sofia office or on company level globally when they are held in English. Our employees get the opportunity to learn something new or develop their knowledge in a field of interest.

How did the initial idea start?

Our history with the Meetups is long. In 2019 when the Sofia office was still small and below 30 people, I was one of the people that first shared their knowledge on a specific topic: How to analyze your data efficiently in SQL.

But in 2020, when the pandemic started Meet-ups were on hold for some time or organized only virtually. Then in Autumn 2020 we kicked off again with several events. Now we have a precise schedule and clearer process for organizing the Meetups. Each event is streamed via our internal communication platform, so it is available for all employees in the company even if they missed the live sessions.

What kind of topics are presented during the Meetups?

We cover topics of various fields depending on the interests of our colleagues. They can be both technical and also related to soft skills development. We try to balance the subjects, so everyone can take part and learn something new. Examples of events that we made are Introduction to RxJS, From Idea to MVP – building a startup product, How to learn effectively.

Can everyone from Coherent Solutions participate as a speaker?

Every person in the company can participate as long as they have a topic to speak for. Also, every employee is invited as a participant regardless of their position in Coherent. We have a specific schedule just for Meetups and they are taking place twice a month.