Front End & Web Hiring Week November 22-28, 2021

Apply. Get hired. Get one extra salary. All in one week.

What can you do in a week? Better yet, what can you do in five days? We got the answer and four simple steps to make the most of the week: 25+ job openings focused on JavaScript (Angular, React, Node), Ruby, PHP, and a recruiting team ready to get to know you.
1. Introduction: Share your CV & your contact data below, in the registration area
2. Interview: If we’re a match to our positions, you will get a call/e-mail from our recruiting team.
3. Offer: Within 24 hours of the interview, we’ll waste no time and make you an offer.
4. Sign-on bonus: Within 24 hours of the interview with a double yes and a signed offer, you will get a ONE-month salary sign-on bonus.*
*the sign-on bonus will be offered after the three months of the contractual probation period

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Technologies we are hiring for


Do you really know JS? What about REACT? NextJS, Hooks, Redux, … or GraphQL? Looking for opportunities to show your experience in writing high-quality, maintainable, and modular code covered with unit tests? A bunch of positions from various domains is waiting!


Looking for technical challenges? Migrations, Integrations, and other …tions are not frustrating you? TypeScript, RxJS, NgRx…Ionic, Micro Frontends? Front-end team is looking for a Software Engineer to design, build, and support complex front-end solutions using cutting-edge web technologies. Want to hear more? Come and get it!


If you know MySQL, Redis, MongoDB and are not afraid of AWS, EC2, Jenkins, Docker then you have a chance to be part of a global agile group that is responsible for building the best in class SaaS platform, deployment infrastructure, and services. Go for it!


Heroku, AWS, Amazon S3, Express, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Elasticsearch… Always wanted but afraid to try? Will you dare to examine yourself? If you are not afraid of testing your code (Jest, Nock), know what is AWS Lambdas, not afraid of near-DevOps areas then use the opportunities!


We are seeking a talented, innovative, software engineering professional for backend work on PHP together with MySQL.
If you are the one who has a true passion for technology and enjoys continually sharpening their skills, welcome to our team!

Our recruiters

Связаться с нами можно по телефону +375 44 545 19 35 или по электронной почте

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